About Ka-Yin Kwok

Video artist and filmmaker, Ka-Yin Kwok was born in Hong Kong in 1979. She moved to Australia in 1984 when her father was offered a job as a chef in a suburban Chinese restaurant.

Kwok studied documentary filmmaking at the University of Melbourne (formerly Victoria College of the Arts) and in 2015, completed her candidature in Master of Fine Arts at Monash University Caulfield, Australia.

Kwok’s videos are concerned with the act of looking and relating to the subject appearing within the camera frame. Her works are often autobiographical, drawing from personal experiences as a Chinese-Australian woman and at times featuring her family.

Her video work has featured in galleries and festivals throughout Australia and internationally, including Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney), Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne), Careof Centre for Contemporary Art (Milan), Italy and Loop (Barcelona).

Formerly a committee member for the Australian Screen Editors Guild, she was also on the committee board for Kings Artist-Run Initiative from 2006 to 2007.

Ka-Yin Kwok works in film and television post production and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. You can contact Ka-Yin via email kwok.kayinatgmail.com